Couple Therapy Services

“We are not the same person this year as last, nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person.”  – Somerset Maugham

Please note: If I do not have a bootcamp posted that works for your schedule, see the full list of workshops being offered here:

I accept onto my waitlist couples willing to do virtual sessions and be recorded (I occasionally use clips from my sessions when teaching therapists how to do RLT).

Couple therapy encompasses work with any two people wishing to begin, enhance, repair, or dismantle an intimate relationship. Sometimes one or both people in a couple do not know whether they wish to work toward increased connection and intimacy, or to break up. I may need to spend some time with each person to explore individual perspectives before proposing a plan of action.

I provide in-person services in my Burnaby office as well as virtual therapy within B.C. I am flexible regarding how to proceed with couples therapy. I offer one or two day intensives (up to six hours per day) for those wishing to make immediate headway, as well as regular sessions of one to two hours (usually bi-weekly).

Essential Skills of Relationships Workshop (also known as the RLT Bootcamp)

This is a two day workshop designed by Terry Real that covers all the essentials of Relational Life Therapy. If offers a very powerful introduction to the model, with many useful exercises and tools for couples. This workshop will give you a flavor of what to expect with an RLT therapist, and also put you several sessions ahead, as you’ll understand the theory and the terminology we use. Therapists who take the workshop are offered 12 CEs.

Supervision or Mentoring

I offer individual or small group supervision or mentoring for therapists wishing to learn or deepen their skills with RLT.

Instruction in Relational Life Therapy

Through the Relational Life Institute I offer curated instruction for groups of therapists who want to learn more about RLT.