Relational Life Therapy

Relational Life Therapy (RLT) is a hybrid of coaching and therapy that addresses the full spectrum of relationship problems. We work with couples on the brink to assess whether a bad or unfulfilling relationship can be turned into a great one, and we help those with good relationships maintain mutual fulfillment throughout the life span. And we work with everything in between, including affairs, drops in desire, communication problems, and individual issues that affect the relationship. To learn more about RLT, visit the founder’s website:

In addition to my private practice, as a member of the faculty of the Relational Life Institute, I offer supervision and consulting in RLT, as well as small group training.

“Being deliberate about improving our relationship can help most of us, especially because, left to their own devices, most relationships become less fulfilling over time.”  (Eli Finkel, marriage researcher at Northwestern University)