A 2-Day Relational Living Bootcamp

For couples and individuals

Next Bootcamp Date and Location TBA
Facilitated by Cathy Hill, PhD

This workshop is the authorized relationship bootcamp developed by Terry Real (best-selling author), based on Relational Life Therapy, a cutting edge therapy that has helped countless couples to regain intimacy and joy in their relationships.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone in a troubled relationship looking for some guidance on how to navigate the bumps and make repair
  • People considering RLT therapy who want to understand more about what they will experience
  • People in RLT therapy who want to deepen their understanding of the terms and skills in order to accelerate their progress
  • People in successful relationships who want to ensure continued success
  • Any individual or couple who wants a deeper understanding of where we all tend to trip up in relationships
  • Therapists, coaches, and mental health workers interested in gaining some skills they can use with their own clients/patients (12 CEUs offered)

What to expect in this workshop

  • A relaxed presentation of the concepts and skills that keep people both ‘connected and protected’ in relationships
  • A primarily education environment, rather than therapy

  • About 30 people in a classroom like setting

  • Opportunities to practice skills and/or to observe others doing so