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Cognitive Therapy for depression and anxiety


 Trauma and Mindfulness


Couples Therapy


Low-Fee Counselling

For those without extended benefits therapy with a psychologist in private practice can be an expensive endeavor.

As you are probably aware there have been numerous cuts to government funding for mental health services over the last couple of decades.  However there are still some resources available.  (Note that because funding changes regularly, the resources listed below may also change their policies without notice).


Alcohol and drug referral 604-660-9382
Burnaby Drug & Alcohol & Gambling 604-421-2228
Share Gambling 604-936-3900
Smart Recovery

Therapy with students-in-training

Adler Center 604-742-1818
City University 604-709-5729
UBC Counseling 604-822-5259
UBC Counselling, New West 604-525-6651
SFU Psych Clinic 604-291-4720
UBC Psych Clinic 604-822-3005

Government and Non-Profit Organizations

Burnaby Mental Health 604-453-1960
Mood Disorders Association
Burnaby Family Life 604-659-2200
Family Services, Vancouver 604-731-4951
Family Services, New West 604-525-9144
Share Family Services, Tri-cities 604-936-3900
Crisis Line, Burnaby 604-872-3311
Crisis Line, New West 604-540-2221